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What does it mean to be in our bodies?

To be with the quiet parts of ourselves?

I came to this project to explore my own healing. How do I arrive fully in my body after trauma?

The past three months, I've shared space with three different women across Maine exploring their healing processes. 


Heather Lyon | Blue Hill, ME

Keita Annie Whitten Foster | Harrison, ME

Johanna Franzel | Cape Elizabeth, ME


I am an artist. I am not a therapist.
And I don’t have answers.
Just a lot of questions. 

Healing isn’t linear and neither is this project.

There is no one way to explore the rest of this site. There is no right way.

You don’t have to watch everything. 

You don't have to scroll sequentially.

And you can always go back. 

Healing is never finished. In a sense, maybe this project can’t be either. 

Join Me

Will you join me?

Johanna | Cape Elizabeth
Living Well

B5 Anchor

Heather | Blue Hill
The Concussion

A3 Anchor

Keita | Harrison
Collective Care

C7 Anchor
A2 Anchor

What does healing feel like to you?

Johanna | Cape Elizabeth
Crohn's Disease

Anchor 1

Heather | Blue Hill
Managing Symptoms

B6 Anchor
Thanks Anchor

Keita | Harrison
BIPOC Dance Space

B4 Anchor

Johanna | Cape Elizabeth

C8 Anchor

Keita | Harrison 
Wanting to Go Home

A1 Anchor

Heather | Blue Hill
Slowing Down 

C9 Anchor
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